1 hour workshop on embodied peace and resilience from a Ukrainian

restore and maintain connection between your body, emotions, mind and spirit

Victoria Savostianova, Ukraine

5 signs that you are disconnected from your body​

Are you a highly sensitive person deeply impacted by the stressful times we are living in? 

Do you often feel anxiousfearful, having insomnias, cold limbs, constantly feeling tension in your body or do you feel disconnected from your body at all?

Would you like to learn how to 
self-regulate quickly
and build
a long-term resilience? 


quick test

Check if you have any of these signs
  • You often feel exhausted 

  • your head feels heavy

  • you don’t seem to be able to quiet your mind and stop thinking
  • you are often feeling anxious

  • you’ve been having

  • your muscles are tense all the time
  • it’s hard for you to feel your body or its separate parts

  • you tend to hit furniture or doors accidentally when you move around
  • you’ve experienced some really traumatic events in your past that you haven’t talked to anyone about

  • you don’t notice often getting cold or sitting uncomfortably or when you are hungry

It's OK!

It’s OK if you’ve realised that you are disconnected from your body. Please don’t blame yourself. Now it’s time to regenerate your wholeness – to restore a connection between your body, emotions and mind. Keep reading!

My name is Victoria Savostianova. 

I am a Ukrainian living in Ukraine during the war. I have endured a severe last winter with lots of bombings, explosions, energy blackouts. And another winter is coming, and attacks on Ukraine continue.

And yet here I am, focused, balanced, and resourced. My knowledge of embodiment, mindfulness and my personal experience help me stay in my body all the time and continue living a joyful life

Would you like to learn how to be resilient based on an inner peace? 

Follow me and I’ll show you the way back home to your body.

Keep scrolling or stop to read my story and expertise here

"This particular way of living in the body would be experienced as an inner feeling of calm, compassionate alertness; and from the outside it would be a demeanor of calm, respectful, compassionate strength."

8 reasons why you would want to restore connection with your body

  • your anxiety level drops down 
  • you feel more free and relaxed in your body

  • you become less reactive to outer events

  • you get less tired because you notice tension on time to release it

  • you take better care of yourself

  • you hear other people better so your relationships get better too

  • your body expresses health and you lead a more joyful life in wholeness

  • you become more calm and relaxed and it leads to a long-term stress-resilience

Pay it Forward: One Hour for You is Also One Hour for a Ukrainian


1 hour workshop on embodied peace and resilience from a Ukrainian​

This is a workshop based on embodiment, mindfulness and meditative practices

With every next practice we go deeper into feeling our bodies and into deeper relaxation. We learn to notice what we usually don’t pay much attention to – our body and its reactions to the outside world. 

I also use my AI art to practice body awarenessThere’s little movement and a lot of noticing, feeling and caring.

Now please close your eyes, take a deep breath and feel with your whole body whether this workshop is right for you. 

I know you’ll know.

Embodied Peace Workshop: 2 in 1

One for you, one for a Ukrainian
  • An Embodied Peace and Resilience Workshop - in English
  • An Embodied Peace and Resilience Workshop - in Ukrainian

If you already know someone who might enjoy this workshop in the Ukrainian language, just put their name and email in the order noted at the checkout.

If you want to find someone to gift with this workshop
1. Go to this Facebook post and read the comments below. 
2. Choose a Ukrainian you feel an impulse to connect with.
3. Give me their name at the checkout and I will send them the link to the workshop in Ukrainian.
4. Go back to that person and tell them that their workshop is on its way.

Or just leave the order notes blank and I’ll send the second workshop to a Ukrainian in need of inner peace myself.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Victoria, I appreciate the workshop so much! I feel much better now, I breathe more freely and feel my body better. I also feel more energetic and resourced now!
Dmytro B.
Thank you for this practice, Victoria! I feel more relaxed, I slowed down, I was in such harmonious state after the practice. The communication with children was calm and amazing, I had a really good emotional and mental rest. I slept well and had a nice morning after.
Lesya M.
Mom of two children

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