My name is Victoria, and I am a multi-passionate person.

Yes, right now I am living in Ukraine, during the war time. I experience sirens, bombing, explosions, tragic news every day and energy blackouts because of russia. Still, I don't let it define my life and do my best to lead a joyful life in these circumstances.

You can watch my donation-based workshop “7 lessons I learned living in Ukraine during the war” and hear my war story here

"Happiness is when you live your own life, not someone else's"


Being multi-passionate means that I have various talents and interests in different areas simultaneously.

It happened naturally, and I’m delighted to have discovered that there’s a term for it – multipassion.

The most interesting part is when I can combine these areas into unique products and services.

During a philosophy lecture about Dante, I heard that happiness is when you live your own life, not someone else’s.

I realized why I’ve been feeling happy for a long time. I just call it something else – wholeness and inner peace.

So, about me:

I hold master’s degrees in international economics and international journalism. Almost nothing further in my biography will be connected to this fact 🙂


Thanks to Ken Wilber and integral theory, I’ve been practicing wholeness for many years.

Currently, I’m most interested in the body and its connection with other levels (emotions, mind, and spirit).

Personally, this was my weakest link, and I noticed that it’s the same for many Europeans.

I’m very interested in how all holistic approaches to the human body intertwine.

I’ve been studying and practicing neuropsychosomatics for over 6 years, under the guidance of the best doctors in this field. Thanks to this, I’ve overcome many health-related fears and can provide guidance on where to find answers about chronic symptoms. I share this information in the sessions mentioned below.

I have also learned a TRE method – trauma release exercise. It allows to release trauma and stress from the body through natural tremor in the body. Amazing thing! 

I practice it myself.

"The way that you hold your body determines your mental state"
Bessel van der Kolk, MD

I’ve been actively practicing craniosacral therapy (CST) for two years.

I received training after being a patient for a long time.

I currently offer sessions in Kyiv and occasionally in Bucha, where people can reset, balance, and activate the body’s self-healing powers.

It is super helpful to our daily life in Ukraine to reboot and recharge our nervous systems with this method.

My clients say that the feeling after a session is similar to the post-SPA or massage experience.

Often there’s a sense of tranquility, reduced reactivity, and a recharged nervous system.

You are healing all the time

 This year, I completed a 6-month training in Embodiment Coaching and am a certified coach.

I’m absolutely fascinated by the possibilities that full contact with our bodies opens up for us, and how our bodies can provide answers and a sense of wholeness and inner peace when we learn to listen and feel.

You can come to me for a single Body Wisdom session or a series of sessions “A Journey Home to Your Body” and learn to feel and self-regulate through your body.

You’ll gain simple and effective tools to support you daily.

These sessions also provide an opportunity to ask about neuropsychosomatics, as our symptoms and emotional reactions to events are interconnected.

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"Healing is always there wanting to happen"
Kim Barta


I’ve been professionally photographing people for over 14 years.

In the past, I did family and children’s photoshoots. Now I only photograph adults in special transformational sessions that combine photography with body practices.

You can check my portfolio here

I create really beautiful photobooks after photoshoots or from your own photos, turning them into family heirlooms.

With huge inspiration I create images with artificial intelligence, my AI art.

It feels like I’ve finally learned to paint, but not with a brush, but with words. Some of these images bring a sense of calm and joy and can be used for meditation.

You can also order an image of your vibrations – who you are or where you want to be.

AI art by Victoria Savostianova



Maturity and responsibility

An open heart and empathy

Self-care and care for others


Respect for other people and their processes

Clear personal boundaries


"If there's a connection between emotions and body, people need to know about it"
Gabor Mate

How to stay at peace when everything is falling apart

Now I invite you to an amazing workshop!

I have put together a really great workshop “How to stay at peace when everything is falling apart”.

It’s an hour of very gentle body and mindfulness practices that leads you to a deep relaxation and a better connection with your body. It’s a resilience based not on tension but on inner peace.

These are practices that have been helping me to get through this whole time of war.

Click here to learn more and to check how connected you are with your body right now